Body Divine- the alignment of your mind, body, and soul not just your spine!

Dr. Cherie Lechner-Lunato, DC uses her over 25 years of chiropractic experience treating families along with her training in acupuncture, functional medicine, nutrition, zenbodytherapy, injury prevention, GAPS and energy medicine to help you become the best you possible!

She uses her unique talents to assist you no matter how young or old. In over twenty-five years , she has treated people from as young as an hour old to almost 100! She was in private practice in Chicago until July of 2008 when she returned home to Ohio after the birth of her son, Jesse. She and her family reside in Lake County.

She is a: 1990 graduate of National College of Chiropractic with postgraduate specialities in Chiropractic Pediatrics(2000) and Sports Chiropractic(1991) as well as Injury Prevention. She completed her undergraduate degree in Biology(1986)cum laude at BGSU in Ohio and attended Mentor High School(1982)magna cum laude. 1997 graduate of the International Academy of Clinical Acupuncture, a 1997 graduate of the international zenbodytherapy institute, a 1999/2001 graduate of the The School of Advanced Healing where she also staffed for 2 years. In addition, she has been studying Functional Medicine and nutrition for over 20 years, having attended seminars yearly.

Sports & Fitness Care In addition to the little ones in the family, Dr. Cherie’s experience in sports chiropractic benefits moms and dads in their fitness goals. Chiropractic adjustments increase athletic performance, decrease injuries, and reduces healing time when an injury does occur. She has worked with many marathoners, body builders, yoga practioners and triathletes as well as professional athletes from Joffrey Ballet dancers to pro-golfers. Her additional services provided to patients include: Acupoint Therapy, Functional Medicine, ZenBody Therapy, Energy Medicine, Injury Prevention Consulting, GAPS, and Nutritional Counseling