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On behalf of myself and my staff, I would like to welcome you to the online home of the Northeast Ohio Institute of Functional Medicine, your Center for Hope and Healing. Our Center is an integrated healing arts organization focused on the reversal of chronic disease and the prevention of illness. Our goal is to help you achieve your maximum wellness potential, and to provide you with the tools and techniques necessary to regain and maintain your health and vitality.

We provide a variety of services including lifestyle medicine, supplement support, massage therapy, counseling, mind/body work, and dietary guidance all operating within the paradigm of Functional Medicine.

We are located at 8398 Kinsman Road in Novelty Ohio, 44072, approximately 10 miles east of I-271 on State Route 87, at the intersection of 306.

I hope you find the information within theses pages helpful and encouraging. I warmly invite you to attend our free monthly open house entitled Meet the Doc, and I will gladly address your health questions and concerns following my presentation on the Prevention and Reversal of Chronic Disease.

Yours in health,

Dr. Dorothy Sprecher, MD

Novelty Functional Medicine Clinic
A Message from Dr. Dorothy Sprecher:

Dear Friends,

Since the age of nineteen, I have had a vision of creating a multi-specialty holistic medical clinic. I have spent most of my adult life preparing myself for this dream to become a reality. Eighteen years ago, I opened the Center for Hope and Healing in Novelty, Ohio. It was my first step toward the realization of this vision.

When I initially opened the Center in November 1997, I was offered Reiki treatments and counseling for women on Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Then, in 1998, I was introduced to the field of Functional Medicine. It would be the scientific basis of Functional Medicine that would serve as a foundation to revolutionize my scientific thinking and perception of health and disease. Through the scientific view of Functional Medicine, I have been able to develop a safe and effective medical model to prevent and reverse chronic disease that is practical and reproducible.

Functional Medicine is a new medical model that has emerged in our culture over the last 30 years under the guidance of Dr. Jeffery Bland, a nutritional biochemist. He defines Functional Medicine as a science based health-care that identifies and addresses the underlying biochemical, physiological, psychological, and environmental factors to reverse disease progression and enhance vitality.

This model revives the basic biochemistry and physiology that doctors learn in the first two years of medical school, and applies the evolving perception of Systems thinking to the medical field. When we use Systems thinking, we then view the individual in the context of his or her internal and external environment. We see the body as a symphony of interconnected systems: the psycho-neuro-endocrine-environmental-immune system.

We are all one complex conversation made up of the various systems in our bodies.

These systems include:

  • blood sugar regulation
  • immune system function
  • gastrointestinal health
  • thyroid function
  • adrenal health
  • reproductive hormone signaling
  • cardiovascular health
  • nervous system health
  • detoxification and elimination
  • nutrition balance
  • environmental exposures
  • structural balance
  • mental and emotional health
If one of these systems is out of tune, it throws the whole symphony into disharmony. Over time, chronic disharmony leads to chronic disease. It takes on average 10 to 20 years to develop disease once these disharmonies begin.

However, many of us experience the symptoms of these disharmonies as fatigue, stiffness, ill-defined pain, joint pain, irritable bowel, headaches, brain fog, mood disorders, blood pressure or blood sugar elevation, cholesterol abnormalities, insomnia, weight gain and other nonspecific changes that our doctors often are unable to explain.

With this new medical model, Functional Medicine has positioned itself to be the primary preventive medicine of the future.

Each person who comes to the Center experiences a complete Functional Medical assessment. The complex interplay of all their systems is evaluated through history review, physical examination, and extensive laboratory testing.

The findings are then presented to the individual in an education format to help them understand the why of their dis-ease.

The Center for Hope and Healing thus becomes a school for self-care. The founding principles of the school are to help individuals develop self-awareness, how their life choices affect the way they feel. They also develop self-empowerment: the ability to learn how to make choices that lead to optimal health. The Center provides a community that encourages you as you take this unique and personal journey of self-transformation, so that you feel supported and validated as you face and heal patterns and choices that no longer serve you.

In essence, we evaluate the warning lights on your dashboard and look for pre-disease tendencies, and then design lifestyle and nutritional interventions tailored to each individual to reverse disease progression and enhance vitality.

The degree of system dysfunction already present determines the depth and length of the interventions. Three to six months is the average time until the individual graduates from the school of self-care. Their goal upon graduation is to manage their own health with confidence and satisfaction. Periodic evaluations and involvement in ongoing classes and support groups create a wellness community that leads to sustained change.

We invite you to come and join us in this exciting and hope-filled adventure of self-discovery to transform you and help you achieve optimum health in mind, body, and spirit.

Blessings and be well,

Dorothy Sprecher, MD

Our vision is a world wherein compassionate, sincere, knowledgeable healthcare professionals alleviate suffering by enhancing health and
self-awareness. We do this by providing personalized healthcare and by
creating partnerships with community organizations.

Optimum health allows individuals to fully express their unique
talents & abilities to create improvements in their families, in their work,
and in our world.

Likewise, a healthy community supports its members' well-being through numerous social networks. We believe that the heart of a
community lies in its alliances, the bonds of togetherness & commerce.
We strive to facilitate alliances which carry out sustainable life-
enhancing enterprise, especially partnerships among green builders,
organic farmers, grocers, restaurants, health clubs, awareness groups
and like-minded healthcare providers.

We are committed to providing safe, effective & efficient care
that gently supports the body's own healing process.
We are also committed to educating our patients toward an empowered sense of responsibility for their own health. Each individual participates
in the creation of their own unique care plan, having the benefit of
an integrated team of professionals to best support the
achievement of their health goals.

We hope that by documenting the efficacy of what we do, we create a template for other communities to model. When many communities restore their heart, eventually we can enhance the health of our entire nation.

We believe that health is a journey, not a destination.
The process of healing can be seen as one of learning, making better choices,
and creating healthier habits.

Through the process of healing ourselves we become more aware
not only of our bodies and the way they work, but also of our mind and spirit. We also become more aware about our environment and its impact on our health, including the air we breathe (both in & outside of our homes),
the quality of water that our community provides, and the presence of other environmental toxins. As our awareness grows, so does our ability to influence. As our ability to influence grows, and we take action steps to improve our daily habits, our food choices & our ecological footprint on the earth, we become healthier, happier & more responsible citizens of the planet.

This is why we regard the quest for health as empowering.
The critical step in this process is when we take responsibility for our health, both to learn about the factors that influence it, and for the lifestyle
that we lead. Here at the Center for Hope & Healing, we facilitate healing by promoting learning, empowerment and personal responsibility.

Our Invitation

Education is an integral part of our approach to healing. For our new patients & prospective new patients, we provide an introductory lecture called "Meet the Doc". Several of our practitioners present this talk regularly. We discuss what is unique about our healing arts center and present some concepts about integrated healthcare & functional medicine. We also explain how we look for & correct the underlying causes of ill-health in order to reverse chronic disease, correct underlying problems in fundamental biological systems, and go on to promote a lifetime of excellent health & vitality. Dr. Sprecher will speak about supporting the fundamental biological systems including gastrointestinal health, gluten intolerance, immune system regulation & hormonal balance through targeted use of nutraceuticals & specific food plans. We call this Lifestyle Medicine, and it not only works to reverse chronic disease, but can also detect & prevent health problems from developing in the future.

The next "Meet the Doc" is:

Thursday, April 19, 2018

@ 7:00 pm

Presented by:

Dr. Dorothy Sprecher

Learn our approach to the management of chronic disease.

Please call the office to reserve your seat at (440) 338-6344.