Treatment: Therapeutic Lifestyle

Most of the care provided in this office can be considered "alternative", and is based on the avant-garde principles of Functional Medicine. We have treated people with a wide variety of illnesses, correcting conditions such as hormonal imbalances, sexual dysfunction, metabolic syndrome, fibromyalgia, obesity, autoimmune dysfunction, thyroid disorders and "brain fog". We often work with individuals who have tried a variety of other treatment approaches (including extensive conventional diagnostics and treatments) without success - and successfully helped them regain their sense of vitality.

The information we gather during the diagnostic process allows us to redesign an individual’s experiment of life to create a new outcome. The cornerstone of our intervention is therapeutic lifestyle change focusing on food as medicine, exercise, stress management, and targeted nutrient strategies. We teach people an individualized nutrition program that focuses on “How to Eat” to maintain healthy metabolic signaling. We also evaluate “What to Eat” based on food allergy testing and design low inflammatory dietary interventions to turn off chronic smoldering pre-disease and disease tendencies. In severe cases, conventional pharmaceutical agents may be prescribed to prop your system up until it can better function on its own.

The costs generally run $2000-3000, plus lab fees and recommended supplements and/or medications, which of course vary with the number and magnitude of problems.

Dr. Sprecher’s practice is cash-based; this means payment is due at the time of service. We will be happy to provide, at your request, specially coded receipts (HCFA form) for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement at Out-of-Network coverage.