Your evaluation starts with a comprehensive case history and records review. This is usually done on the first visit, with the Physician's Assistant. Sometimes it will become evident right away that you will need further tests, which will be recommended upon conclusion of this evaluation.

Your second visit will be scheduled with Dr. Sprecher after any initial lab work results have come in. Dr. Sprecher will review your case with you, and perform any applicable further examination.

Dr. Sprecher uses an array of conventional and functional medicine diagnostics, including extensive lab work, to assess functioning of the various bodily systems. Examples of tests commonly recommended for our patients include: potential genetic predispositions for disease, blood sugar handling, blood chemistry, digestive physiology including food allergy testing, immune system activity and hormone levels.

Most testing can be performed at our in-house laboratory for your comfort and convenience.

You will receive instructions for further testing, if necessary, and for starting the process of healing. This usually entails changes in lifestyle (especially how you eat), and possibly supplements.