Lifestyle Medicine

Functional Medicine has positioned itself as the primary preventive medicine of the future. We promote the foundations for healing; self awareness ~ the ability to perceive how your choices affect the way you feel and self empowerment ~ the ability to make new choices that promote well being. We are also dedicated to creating a community that validates your journey to reclaim your health!

Our approach focuses on the reversal & prevention of chronic disease. Dr. Dorothy Sprecher, MD and our diverse staff of supportive medical professionals are experienced in treating patients with allergies, joint pain, irritable bowel, menopause, migraines, hormone imbalance, thyroid disease, sinusitis, and weakened immune systems. We are especially known for our successful work involving bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and gluten intolerance diagnosis & treatment.

When you graduate from our program you will understand the many variables in your life that may have contributed to your symptoms and you will have a clear plan to reverse the symptoms and enhance vitality.

We draw on the cutting edge perception of the field of Functional Medicine to address the “why” of disease ~ the underlying biochemical, physiological, environmental, and psychological factors that may have contributed to your symptoms. Our treatment plans are always mindful of the connection between your physical and emotional well being. We move beyond the current model that “names the disease” and “matches the drug” to the evaluation of your unique environment/gene interactions that have created who you are today. We are then able to design personalized intervention
s to prevent and reverse disease.

What is unique about the medical care at the Center for Hope & Healing?

LavenderFlowersYour initial consultation will include a comprehensive review of current medical concerns, within the context of your personal and family history. Current medications are reviewed, and potential laboratory assessments are discussed.

Our medical professionals view you as being genetically unique, and are always mindful of the connection between your physical and emotional well-being. We focus on the underlying causes of your medical issues, with less emphasis on diagnosis codes that automatically lead to prescription drug therapy. Your treatment plan is customized to reflect your unique physical characteristics and potential for disease.

You have entrusted us with your health and wellness. We take that responsibility seriously by providing the best in patient care and service. Self-awareness and self-empowerment are encouraged at every step in your journey. The treatment plan will be the result of a real collaboration between you and our medical staff.

What Can I Expect?

You should allow approximately two hours for your initial consultation. At the conclusion of your medical evaluation, you will receive specific recommendations for therapy. These recommendations often include diet and lifestyle changes, and possible referral to other professionals who embrace the Functional Medicine approach to long-term health. Follow up visits are scheduled to review laboratory test results, current symptoms, and appropriate adjustments to your treatment plan.

We target all information and product recommendations to your specific needs and interests -- based on the strong and trusted relationship that we have established. We invite you to experience a new world of healthcare and hope that the Northeast Ohio Institute of Functional Medicine will become an invaluable part of your journey to health and wellness.