When we're all conceived, we are imbued with life. Part of the life that imbues the developing human has the intelligence to manifest an awesome human body with a complex interplay of biological systems. That intelligence, in our physical bodies, manifests over the Central Nervous System. (The brain and spinal cord control and coordinate the functions of all other bodily systems.) Homeostasis is a term in biology that means the tendency for this intelligence to produce balance all body systems. The innate (inborn) intelligence coordinates not only physical health, but also our relevant life experiences (the people we meet, the environments in which we find ourselves, the families we're in, etc) to facilitate the development of our potential as human beings.

We believe that health is a journey, not a destination. That is, that people are healthy to the extent that they are engaged fully in life, healing with their physical bodies but also developing in their potential as human beings. As we live and grow up, we become wise: a gradual awakening of wisdom & spiritual awareness occurs. Often times, our health challenges motivate us to learn more about ourselves, our lifestyle & our environment. As we become more knowledgeable and aware, we are increasingly able to make better choices. As we make better choices, and see the results in our improved health, we can feel more empowered in controlling the parameters of our human experience.

Functional Medicine is a way of looking at health care that focuses on the function of fundamental biological systems. This is in contrast to focusing on the overt symptoms of sickness and disease (which is characteristic of conventional medicine). The work of all of our practitioners is aimed at supporting - and correcting - the function of our bodies' systems. For a fuller description of Functional Medicine, please refer to the section of our website specifically about Functional Medicine.

In essence, the most empowering thing that a person can do for his or her health is to accept total responsibility, knowing that there is an inborn intelligence guiding us along the path. A person who has accepted responsibility for their health will choose to learn what it takes to live in a way that promotes healing & maintains health. Rather than our patients relying on a doctor to give a "magic pill", we are committed to empowering individuals to embrace a wellness lifestyle, and when appropriate, to partner with healthcare professionals who will support this journey.