What is Integrated Healthcare?

Generally speaking, Integrated Healthcare - or Integrated Healing Arts - means a holistic perspective on health, wherein health professionals incorporate the concepts and methodologies of many different healing arts.

  • Philosophy: There is a profound interplay in each of us between mind, body & spirit
  • Practitioners: Integrated healing arts centers generally have a variety of practitioners in an attempt to provide a well-rounded array of healing techniques.
  • Shared space: Providing a wide variety of healing arts under one roof creates a healing sanctuary to provide support for the whole person.
  • Collaborative thinking: Patients benefit when their particular constellation of concerns is addressed from the combined professional knowledge of multiple practitioners.

Our Center
We're working to create a special kind of Integrated Healing Arts Center. Our approach includes:

  1. To educate and foster personal empowerment
  2. To encourage wellness lifestyle habits (especially regarding food, exercise and attitude) to prevent illness and promote the development of human potential
  3. To optimize communication between the brain & body systems
  4. And when necessary, to reduce or reverse chronic disease

When individual systems are compromised or broken, they sometimes need to be propped up to facilitate the healing process. We pledge to do this using the safest, most effective and least invasive techniques available. This gives the body the best chance of healing from within.

  • Philosophy: Each individual's body has the capacity for self-healing, coordinated by communication over the Central Nervous System between brain & body. We believe that health is a journey, not a destination; by rising to health challenges, we become more knowledgeable & aware, and feel empowered through improved health. We are committed to empowering individuals to live in a way which promotes healing and maintains health.
  • Practitioners: We integrate the best of medical and chiropractic care to balance all biological systems, and offer many ancillary services to address the unique constellation of concerns of each individual patient.
  • Collaborative thinking: Regular "round table" discussions between our practitioners means patients benefit from the collective knowledge of many professional minds.
  • Individualized care plans: Care will be tailored to each individual in terms of time, depth and variety of interventions used, with full patient participation in creating the treatment plan.
  • Standard of care: We strive to restore authenticity to the age-old practices of medicine and chiropractic, providing for our patients the safest, most effective techniques our professions have to offer.